Commission Information

Status: Soft-Closed

For those interested in commissioning artwork from me, my commission information is below. Please read carefully and if there is any question or if you would like to pitch an idea and get an estimate (whether or not I am closed for commissions), feel free to contact me (specifics are outlined below as well).


Commission availability varies based on many factors, but to determine what each status means, the following key can be referenced:

OpenOpen for business and looking to review and accept project proposals.
Soft-OpenOpen for business, but availability may be limited to lighter project proposals, such as those requesting sketches, pin-up artwork, simple illustrations, and short sequences.
On HiatusAll pending and in-progress work, as well as correspondence to proposals, are temporarily halted until work is ready to resume.
Soft-ClosedAvailability is highly limited. Though not officially closed, proposals may still be reviewed anyway--however, response time will be late and communication sparse. If any commissions are accepted, they may be done at random and in no particular order.
ClosedConditions are so that business must be closed temporarily. Proposals will not be reviewed during this time and a response will most likely be a refusal. Any in-progress work may be done during this time however.

Content & Prices

Working resolution is, by default, set at 9″ X 12″ at 150 dpi (1350 x 1800 px), landscape or portrait orientation, and the file is normally saved to 75% (1013 x 1351 px) or 50% (675 x 900 px) of that size to tighten the detail. But these values can change depending on the piece itself or by wish of the client. If wallpaper size is desired, please specify the wallpaper dimensions, and aspect ratio if need be. File format is usually .jpeg, but can also be adjusted to the client’s preference.

(Note that $ is in US Dollars)
Price Chart:
Illustrations/Character Sheets/SequencesComic Pages2-D Animation
Sketch$5-$15Per page$1-$5Per panel$0.25-$5Per frame, may include repeating frames
Black & White$20-$30Per page$5-$15Per panel$1-$25Per frame, may include repeating frames
Full Color$35-$50+Per page; $100 max$10-$30Per panel$5-$50Per frame, may include repeating frames

Multi-page comics (default resolution) truncate at $50 max per page for B&W and $100 max per page for color. Meaning, if the total per-panel price exceeds these maximums for a page, then price of that page will be set to the according value.

Animation frame prices are highly dependent on amount of detail, complexity of design and animation, and overall frame size. By default, animations are in 320x240 pixels in .gif format (at least for purely black and white animations). If the animation requires finer details and better video quality, such as the addition of anti-aliased pixels, gradient coloring, etc., then the file format, file size, and overall price will reflect that.

Prices vary based on complexity and detail. Prices are also negotiable if need be. If no specifics are given to the complexity, the prices will usually start in the middle. Complexity will be defined by how many characters are illustrated, whether or not there is a background, the type or style of coloring/painting, etc. (Please review examples for a better idea).

Prices are subject to change and are usually dependent on the individual pieces/projects themselves. These prices are only for building artwork from scratch, but I can also offer specialty services, like: coloring already drawn line art, creating line art for sketches, etc. The prices for these services are on an individual work basis, so please contact me if interested.

Adding text is optional and comes at no extra charge. If text is desired, please give specifics on form, fashion, and placement.


The following are examples of what can be expected with each price point:

Note: Example pieces are currently a work in progress. This section will be updated once they are available. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Again, prices are negotiable if need be, but take these examples as a general guide.


Even though the relationship between client and artist is usually understood, sometimes there are gray areas that may not be clear, and so discussions and negotiations must be made. To further avoid complications, the client and I (the artist) must both agree to these terms in order to have a successful transaction:

  • Though numerous minor edits are allowed, major revisions (such as additions of extra ideas/characters/settings, redrawing, recoloring, or re-conceptualizing of a piece) are limited to three (3) revisions. Any revisions afterward throughout the commission will be charged extra with a price determined by the artist.
  • After a commission is completed, the sale is final--there is no refund (especially due to the fact that the works are of digital nature, it is impossible to claim back what has already been uploaded.)
  • If, at any point, a cancellation has to be made (on either or both sides--client and artist), prior warning must be expressed between the client and artist before the official cancellation, no exceptions. This would be to sort out any outstanding payments needed and/or work to complete. If a piece was in production during the cancellation, the client can reserve the right to request a refund (if there was any payment prior) and allow the artist the right to keep the work for personal use; or the client can pay for the amount of labor already done and in return receive all work done during the production time up to the cancellation date.
  • If the client desires the commission to be completed within a certain time frame, it must be specified by the client so the artist is aware. The artist must deliver by the deadline. If no deadline is given, the commission will be completed based on the artist’s schedule.
  • If there will be communication disruptions (such as not being able to be contacted regularly because of an event) on the clients side, then the client must notify the artist; and vice versa.
  • The client reserves the right to request the piece as private or public. If it is not expressed whether or not the commission is private, then the piece may or may not be displayed publicly (as in, shared in the artist’s gallery).
  • The client can request the working file included with the final commissioned piece at no extra charge.
  • The artist can reserve the right to decline service to a client.
  • The artist must complete the work that is commissioned by the client.
  • All contact information must be kept between the client and the artist--it will not be shared to anyone else outside the transaction of the commission.

If there is any need of clarification, please let me know.


For small commissions, payments will be accepted when the product is finished, unless otherwise stated, but the client may choose to pay any time between the start and end of production process. For large commissions, a contract payment of half before production and half after production will be the ideal payment option. Small commissions usually include, sketches, pin-ups, single illustrations; whereas large commissions would be multi-paged comics/sequences and highly detailed illustrations, and animations. If you are not sure if the commission is large or small, feel free to ask after pitching your idea. Thumbnails will be sent to the client when production is finished and, if possible, updates will be given to the client as progress reaches certain checkpoints. Final product will be sent to the client after payment is made.

Preferred Payment method is through Paypal where an invoice will be sent from the artist to the client before a payment is made.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Normal
  • Fetish / Ecchi / Pin-up
  • Process-related (expansion, transformation, muscle growth, giantess/shrinking, multi-growth)
  • Lactation / Ejaculation / Masturbation (mainly female)
  • Partial on transgender (process or non)
  • Partial on anthro (process or non)
  • Futanari / Dickgirl (process or non)
  • Female on female
  • Futa on female
  • Futa on futa


  • Guro
  • Scat / Watersports
  • Underage (Under 18)
  • Male sex (pitching, catching, homo, or hetero--romancing is fine)
  • Bestiality / Animal sex

If there is anything I will not do that is not already listed here, I will specify.

I understand descriptions are important, so any detailed information or reference images are welcome. Client can define how much creative reign will be allowed.

Contact Information

You can contact me through my e-mail:


Once a commission is confirmed, I will exchange any extra information with the client. All contact information and details on the commission will be left private unless desired to be publicized by the client.